Tent Complete Kit

Maxibright 315 Daylight Or Lumii Solar 315 Complete Organic Soil Tent Kits

Maxibright 315 Daylight Or Lumii Solar 315 Complete Organic Soil Tent Kits
Maxibright 315 Daylight Or Lumii Solar 315 Complete Organic Soil Tent Kits

Maxibright 315 Daylight Or Lumii Solar 315 Complete Organic Soil Tent Kits

Maxibright 315 Daylight Or Lumii Solar 315 Complete Organic Soil Tent Kits. Complet Kit 315 Daylight Maxibright or Lumii Solar 315 - Full Set Up.

1x - Secret Jardin - Dark Street DS90 REV 4 90x90x178 cm - New model 2019 1x - Maxibright Daylight Horizon 315w CDM or LUMii SOLAR 315W CDM Fixture (you can chooose what bulb go in the kit on the variation) 1x Kit RVK (184m³/hr) & Ram AIR Carbon Filter 4 (100mm) + ducting 10m Silver 1x Plant Magic Plus - Organic Soil 50L 1x Plant Magic Plus - Old Timer Grow 1L 1x Plant Magic Plus - Old Timer Bloom 1L 1x Plant Magic Plus - Root Stimulant 1L 4x - Wilma Pot 11L 25CM 1x - Lumii Heavy Duty Timer & Contactor 1x Pair of Ez-rollers. Maxibright Daylight Horizon 315W CDM. THIS COMPLETE LIGHTING KIT COMES WITH: Maxibright Daylight CDM 315w Ballast Daylight CDM Horizon Reflector Your choice of lamp Philips.

The brand new Maxibright Horizon Reflector has been optimised to be the ultimate choice for supplemental lighting. Its unique'open' design spreads light over a very wide area (2.4m x 1.2m) and is therefore designed to be placed in between two HID lamps within this space. This method of use and it's results are very similar to that of the Gavita 270w LEP but at a hugely lower cost. Adding one of these fixtures between two 600w HID lamps will increase your yield and growth rate.

Quality and essential oil production is greatly improved thanks to the broad spectrum of light and as they are only 315w they emit very little heat and do not consume much electric. Next generation lighting from Maxibright , in the form of a great Reflector Horizon - from the Daylight Range has been designed to throw light to the far reaches of your grow tent. The Horizon reflector from Maxibright will help you get the very best from your CDM light. The horizon is of excellent quality bulid quality and has been rigorously tested to ensure your plants utilise every last useable lumen. Comes fitted with in-bulit CDM lamp holder, no need for a E40 adapter Unique size and shape Can be used as a standalone or supplementry reflector Super light weight Gives great coverage even in a large area CDM lamps generate less heat whilst using less energy Disipates heat via it's open, double layered design Made of highly reflective aluminium.

TIP: The 315w CDM lamps need to be bedded in - on first illumination the lamp needs to be run continuously for a minimum of 15 minutes. This allows the metals within the lamp to fuse correctly. Philips - 315W CDM Bulbs - Grow 942 & Bloom 930.

The Philips MASTERColour 315 watt CDM Bulbs emit a broad light spectrum that's a lot closer to actual sunlight, inhibiting stretching and enhance growth. You can expect plants to form more lateral branches, have smaller internodal spacing, more flowering sites and larger root systems. You won't believe how efficient they are with a PAR output of up to 1.9 micromoles per Watt. Since plants will produce more essential oils, thanks to more to UV-A & UV-B, they'll look, smell and taste better too.

There is a choice of two bulbs available. 315 Watt Philips MasterColour 942 Daylight CDM Lamp 1.7 micromoles (µmol) per Watt Blue light spectrum Fantastic during vegetative growth. 315 Watt Philips Greenpower 930 Agro CDM Lamp 1.9 micromoles (µmol) per Watt Exceptional for the flowering phase Fuller light spectrum Great as a supplemental or standalone lamp throughout your grow.

Kit RVK (184m³/hr) & Ram AIR Carbon Filter 4 (100mm) - 10m Aluminium Ducting. This RVK kit contains all the necessary components needed to get your ventilation system up and running in a matter of minutes. This bundle includes a RVK Fan, RAM Filter and 5m Ducting. Ventilation is an important part of your growroom setup. It provides your plants with the ideal growing environment.

Ventilating your growing area removes stale air that contains moisture from plant transpiration, which can cause disease and decay. Correctly ventilating your growing area also removes any unwanted odours from water tanks etc, excess heat, and provides a continuous supply of fresh CO2 - invaluable for your plants' development.

And running in a matter of minutes! This kit include: 1 - RVK 4" A1 (100mm) (184m³/hr) 2 - Ram AIR Carbon Filter 4" (100mm x 200mm) 10m - Aluminium Ducting 2m - cable (uk plug) 1 - Pair of jubilee clips. Secret Jardin - Dark Street DS90 REV 4 90x90x178 cm - New model 2019. Volume Tent 2.9 m3 Extraction advised HPS (Every 30 to 60 sec): Extraction 340 m3/h Intake 170 m3/h LED (Every 1 to 2 min): Extraction 170 m3/h.

Dimensions 90 x 90 x 178 cm. Water Tray 1x Water Tray 90. Cable Flange x1 Single Sock. 2x Lightning holders and filter included, supporting up to 10 kg each.

1x Pair of HookIT - Hooks for lighting. 15x CableIT - Clips for cables and nets.

1x PocketIT - Tools pouch with adjustable height. Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Grow & Bloom 1 Litre. Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Grow & Bloom are a unique generation of natural plant nutrition that's been developed to be used during the vegetative phase and right through flowering. As well as having the correct proportions of Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium (NPK) to ensure healthy plants right through the bloom cycle, this special formula also feeds beneficial fungi and micro-organisms ensuring a happy, thriving grow medium.

Plant Magic Plus use only EU organic approved ingredients in their Oldtimer Bloom that contain secondary and micro-nutrients. It can be used in any soil medium, but for optimum results, its recommended to be used with Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme & their beneficial range.

Amazing natural flavours and aromas. Increased plant health and yields.

Grow: Use 2-4ml per litre of water during vegetative cycle & weeks 1-2 of flowering. Bloom: Use 2-5ml per litre of water from week 2-9 of flowering. Plant Magic Plus - Root Stimulant 1L - Strong Healthy Root Development. Plant Magic Root Stimulant increases the biological activity in the root-zone for strong, healthy root development.

Great for use not only on rooted cuttings but also for all stages of a plant's life to ensure a healthy root system. Also great for relieving stress in shocked plants. Plant Magic - Superb Products. Contains humate, seaweed extract, hormones, enzymes and a whole lot more!

Increases biological activity in the root zone Helps to build a strong, healthy root system Can be used on rooted cuttings right the way through to the flush Can be used as a foliar-feed Perfect for use with Plant Magic's own feeds & other boosters. Plant Magic Plus - Supreme Organic Growth Soil 50L. Plant Magic Soil Supreme is a blend of Fytocell foam, sphagnum peat and Plant Magic's own organic growth stimulant. This unique mix creates a fantastic environment for roots, in which they thrive! In turn, this results in quicker plant development due to more available nutrition.

Your plants will benefit from this and develop great taste, colour and aroma! Fytocell foam is a 100% bio-degradable additive that is harmless to the environment and has great aeration properties as well as water retention. One of the key points of a successful grow is keeping the air around the root zone flowing. Stagnant, stale air can severely affect the development of healthy roots.

Plant Magic organic growth stimulant is comprised of prehistoric plant and animal remains that have decomposed over millions of years. As well as being great for your plants' health, it is also full of beneficial fungi and micro-organisms. The soil contains plenty of food for these beneficial life forms, which work with the roots to create a healthy symbiotic relationship. Lumii Heavy Duty Timer & Contactor.

Designed to take high loads. Normal household timers are not built to take the high inductive loads produced by HID ballasts. If sued with an HID ballast, the contacts inside the timer that open and close the timed circuit will overheat and weld together, breaking the timer and leaving your grow lights permanently on. The LUMii Heavy Duty 24 Hour Plug In Timer is different - as the name suggests it is designed to take high loads and has no problem dealing with the inductive loads produced by a 600 watt ballast. There are 96 switching operations within a 24 hour period (every 15 minutes).

Heavy duty contacts mean it can take high inductive loads. ATAMI - Wilma Pot 11L 25CM - Premuim Square Pot - Hydroponics.

1 x 25cm wide by 26cm deep tough plastic pot with drainage holes used in the Atami Wilma system or for growing in soil / coco / diy hydro etc. Ultra tough - will stand up to plenty of abuse. EVERYTHING WE SEND OUT IS IN PLAIN PACKAGING.. Alternatively you are more than welcome to collect your order from our premises in cambridge and browse our shop which stocks over 1000 products.

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  • Features: *Please see advert*
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: A++
  • Modified Item: No
  • Lighting Technology: *Please see advert*
  • Suitable For: Vegetative Growth
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Netherlands
  • Beam Angle: n/a
  • Number of LEDs: 0
  • Input Voltage: n/a
  • Wattage: 315W
  • Spectrum: *Please see advert*
  • Brand: Combo Pack
  • Dimming Settings: n/a
  • Socket Size: E40
  • Type: 315 W
  • Installation Area: Indoor
  • EC Range: A++ - G

Maxibright 315 Daylight Or Lumii Solar 315 Complete Organic Soil Tent Kits